7 Ways Taekwondo Teaches Discipline to Kids

Kids of all temperaments and backgrounds fall in love with Taekwondo, but it’s especially useful for anyone who needs more discipline in their lives. However, the benefits of discipline aren’t exclusive to learning martial arts and competing. It also translates into areas in everyday life to help kids achieve other goals and learn resilience. Here’s a look at how Taekwondo and discipline go hand in hand and how it benefits your child..

1) Set Goals

Taekwondo comes with ambitious but achievable challenges and stages that require goal setting. Without focus and persistence, students can’t progress simply by showing up for class and participating. They need direction and skill to refine their progress and earn the belts they strive to achieve.

2) Increase Focus

Research shows that focus is pronounced in martial arts and can also positively improve a student’s life, particularly in regards to cognitive function and discipline. Mastering that level of focus on the mat also spills over into the classroom and at home. As kids become more accustomed to practice and rituals needed for Taekwondo and discipline, they learn how to apply them to other life areas.

3) Learn Respect

Practicing respect requires a certain level of discipline and is among the most important things taught in Taekwondo. The respect for teachers, each other, and their opponents is part of the mastery of martial arts. Parents often report seeing more respect in their household as their child progresses with both Taekwondo and discipline.

4) Stick to the Rules

The rules in Taekwondo embody intrinsic values like showing courtesy and practicing integrity and self-control. However, the rules of using the equipment, wearing a dobok uniform, and ensuring a fair competition are all part of the rules and routine in Taekwondo. Kids learn to respect those boundaries as they show proficiency and passion for the sport.

5) Improve Impulse Control

Mastering impulse control is a cornerstone of Taekwondo and fosters a greater level of self-control. Kids learn to deal with stress and teach them to calm their minds, think clearly, and approach an opponent with control. The more your child experiences managed stress in Taekwondo and works through it, the more they can apply it to other situations they face at school, with friends, and at home.

6) Embrace Personal Responsibility

As with any sport, the essence of Taekwondo and discipline focuses on self-responsibility. After all, no one can improve and make progress without practice and determination. However, Taekwondo is unique because it helps with focusing on the process and knowing you are responsible for it. Your child cannot rely on teammates to progress on their journey and need to embrace the personal responsibility of achieving their own milestones.

7) Foster Resilience

One of the fundamentals of Taekwondo is falling down and getting back up again and again. Falling and setbacks are part of the journey and lead to resilience. Kids quickly learn that falling does not equate to failure. Instead, working through the obstacle shows them that they can do it and leads to more confidence and resilience.

Next Steps

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