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Krav Maga Secrets That Personal Coaches Don’t Want Published

Personal Coaches will not like to hear this: The biggest transformation within our students is the MASSIVE increase of Self-Confidence. Our students KNOW that they can take CONTROL of any given situation. 

Something that elsewhere you have to pay top-dollar for.

In most situations, self-confidence is the first line of defense by AVOIDING an actual fight: Your body language will indicate to the aggressor: “Stay away from me - it’s healthier for YOU!”

What Would You Rather Do With Your Free Time: Surf The Internet or Prepare To Protect Your Friends And Family?

Basically, if you feel the need to protect your family and friends, you have two options: Looking for solutions online and HOPE that nothing will happen- OR PREPARE yourself.

Weight Lifting and treadmills might be a great workout for your body, but when it’s getting tough on the street, Krav Maga will save your life: It simply is the most effective form of self defense ever developed.

You will learn:
  • Effective choke defenses
  • Quick reflex techniques to avoid punches
Krav maga was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces, and you should think about your family kinda like a soldier of the ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES thinks of his country: You don’t do it for yourself. You do it for THEM. It’s your duty.