Krav Maga Secrets That Personal Coaches Don’t Want Published

Personal Coaches will not like to hear this: The biggest transformation within our students is the MASSIVE increase of Self-Confidence. Our students KNOW that they can take CONTROL of any given situation. 

Something that elsewhere you have to pay top-dollar for.

In most situations, self-confidence is the first line of defense by AVOIDING an actual fight: Your body language will indicate to the aggressor: “Stay away from me - it’s healthier for YOU!”

What Would You Rather Do With Your Free Time: Surf The Internet or Prepare To Protect Your Friends And Family?

Basically, if you feel the need to protect your family and friends, you have two options: Looking for solutions online and HOPE that nothing will happen- OR PREPARE yourself.

Weight Lifting and treadmills might be a great workout for your body, but when it’s getting tough on the street, Krav Maga will save your life: It simply is the most effective form of self defense ever developed.

You will learn:
  • Effective choke defenses
  • Quick reflex techniques to avoid punches
Krav maga was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces, and you should think about your family kinda like a soldier of the ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES thinks of his country: You don’t do it for yourself. You do it for THEM. It’s your duty.

How To Walk with Confidence And Stay Safe In Every Situation

In Krav Maga, we PROGRAM you to act FAST under high pressure, so you can DEFEND yourself at any moment. You will discover how to instinctively choose the SINGLE BEST ACTION to take when being attacked.

So if you’re having a night out with friends or are even ALONE - and then face a potentially threatening situation - with Krav Maga you and your friends and family GET OUT in a safe manner.